Draco Buren is an integrated shipping company active in Maritime Industry. We are recognized as flexible and reliable partner in our industry.

Mostly We offer an extensive range of solutions for all vessel segments in order to offer you the management services that you want – when and where you need them. We propose maritime solutions to the ship owners and Our solutions rely on the professional background of our leaders and industry best practices. Our experiences and strengths in ship management are enhanced by this long tradition of operating a global fleet of commercial vessels. We strive to maintain and extend our tradition and reputation for high-quality, professional services to the worldwide maritime industry.

Our ship management services include technical management, crew management, risk management & systems, vessel accounting and procurement services. Safety is one of the most important priority in our day to day jobs. We work tirelessly to improve our services and strive to maintain our customer trust by fulfilling their requirements. We respect human rights in all of our business activities and comply with laws and ordinances and adhere to international rules and the underlying spirits. We do our best to meet the highest standards to ensure that our business activities contribute to the sustainable development of our society. At Draco Buren there are four main pillars that gives direction to all our activities:

Vessel Under Management

Vessel Name IMO No. Type DWT FLAG CLASS
Bigli 9307047 Container 72968 LIBERIA NKK
Corn 9606015 Bulker 37045 LIBERIA NKK
Dragon Ball 9467158 Heavy Lift 19325 LIBERIA DNV
ABHA 9400980 Oil Tanker 105380 Panama LRS
Hakuna Matata 9354167 Container 80282 LIBERIA KR
Hope 1 9514339 Bulker 56174 LIBERIA NKK
Moana 9292151 Container 67680 LIBERIA DNV
NESTOS 9417464 Oil Tanker 105188 Panama LRS
Pinocchio 9400112 Container 63355 LIBERIA DNV
Pumba 9302566 Container 68126 LIBERIA RINA
Rantanplan 9307023 Container 66940 LIBERIA NKK
Sapodilla 9418999 Heavy Lift 16523 LIBERIA DNV
Simba 9719862 Container 79295 LIBERIA DNV
Timon 9415844 Container 85622 LIBERIA DNV
Yogi 9307009 Container 66940 LIBERIA NKK
Hansika 9326067 Oil Tanker 298495 PANAMA ABS

Being a trustable partner

Trust would be formed in the context of clear interactions and would be reinforced by performing committedly. These interactions, will lead to mutual understanding and caring about our customers’ interests. Being a trustable allied is acting responsibly regarding the entities that we care about.

Being Transparent

Transparency and accuracy can help ship owners to move from reacting to market changes to proactively and effectively managing costs and outcomes. We work hard to provide precise and clear data for our customers. This is how we keep the constructive relationships with our shareholders, investors, and other stakeholders.

Being agile

Today’s business is full of uncertainty and it is a great necessity for sustainable businesses to have the outstanding adaptability facing challenges. Agility enabled us to maximize our adaptation with our customers.

Being responsible

means being dependable, keeping promises and honoring our commitments. It is accepting the consequences for what we say and do. We are responsible about our customer, our asset and our crew.


We are an experienced team who are passionate about shipping. Our expertise enables us to conduct the best practices in commercial, operational, technical and financial activities.
We facilitate energy trading by our reliable services and resources. International experience of our teams which obtained through numerous missions around the world will provide unique knowledge and unique solutions for our customers.


Providing integrated shipping services in the most reliable manner.


To be Well recognized partner through our long-term relationship with our customer which is the result of our agility, commitment, transparency and safety.


As customer-oriented company, Draco Buren commitment is to increase earnings for ship owners as well as shareholders, investors and other third parties such as charterers.

The basis of our mentioned commitment is on successful records of experience for ship management and operation as well as proposing the least vessels idle time. Our significant ivot point is to provide high quality services including professional crew and fully- equipped ships at reasonable price.


Draco Buren Shipping Pte. Ltd. has been chosen to be a part of the Singapore Shipping association, Young Executive Group.

Digitalisation Committee

The committee's priorities for the term are:

  1. Address digitalisation-related issues that impact the shipping industry in Singapore,
  2. Provide input, recommendations, and feedback on policies, regulations, and charges affecting the shipping industry’s digitalisation practices
  3. Make representations to government departments, regulatory bodies, and other relevant authorities on digitalisation matters.

International Committee

  • Engage in high-level discussions on international shipping and policies, with the relevant stakeholders;
  • Represent the SSA in interactions with government departments and relevant authorities.
  • Collaborate with regional and international industry organizations (e.g. ICS, WSC, Intertanko, Intercargo, BIMCO, ASA/FASA) to advance shared goals .
  • Liaise with the Maritime and Port Authority (MPA) on shipping policies and taxation matters.
  • Liaise with external bodies, including governmental, non-governmental, public, to promote international cooperation in shipping policies affecting international trade.
  • Represent the Association at international shipping meetings and conventions.
  • Work with the national government and international stakeholders on matters impacting international shipping and trade.
  • Establish working groups and sub-committees to deliver derived activities & action plan

This makes Draco Buren Shipping Pte. Ltd. a stakeholder in charting the future of the Singapore Maritime Sector and a contributor to the Policy decisions in the World Maritime Sector as well.

Marine Fuel Committee

Our Technical Manager has been elected to the Marine Fuel Committee which addresses marine fuels issues and bunkering operations in the Singapore port areas and nearby regions; highlight safety gaps and new requirements during bunkering of alternative fuels as well as the measurements and efficiency of parcel delivery with relevant stakeholders.
The Committee makes representations to government departments (e.g. MPA, MOT, MOM, SCIC) and other relevant authorities by developing positions, papers, standards, reports & publications to improve the port maritime Marine Fuels in Singapore.


Our dedicated Operations team, which includes experienced mariners, works closely with our clients to ensure smooth and efficient ship operations management such as:
• Ship vetting
• Vessel certificates
• Post-fixture services
• Voyage monitoring
• Port agency services
• Security arrangements
• Insurance arrangements
• Claims handling

Draco Buren can also handle claims request based on your requirements, including declarations of general average, appointing expert consultants and lawyers, and engaging salvage or towage services, as and when required.

Draco Buren offer a wide array of technical services to ship owners, from emission reduction solutions and project planning, to dry-docking support and other services.
Our team of experts includes: marine engineers, superintendents, electrical engineers, and … .
Our services are not limited but included the followings:
• Marine engineering
• Conversions
• Emission reduction solutions
• Pre-purchase surveys
• Vessel inspection surveys
• Class record inspections
• Asset protection inspections
• Ship structural assessments
• Ship Life extension programs

The Crew Department is the heart of our organization. The Department is primarily responsible for Planning, Recruiting & training of the Officers and crews.
The Crew Manager and Crew Coordinators also ensure that all the necessary documents and licenses are in order and comply with the specific requirements demanded by the industry.
They organize relief and transport of crew to and from the relevant port all over the world.

Shipbroking and chartering are an integral aspect of the shipping business. Shipbrokers serve as the middlemen or agents that enable companies to hire and lease ships from their owners. As a trustable partner we have a unique access to a networks that assist us to promptly propose the best fitted vessel for a cargo when is needed. We add value to our chartering services by covering:
• Scanning the market to generate the ideal match between cargo and vessel.
• Estimation of voyage.
• Bunkering
• Offering charters on basis of voyage, period and C.O.A. (Contracts of Affreightment)
• Monitoring the vessel for compliance to charter party requirements.
• Handling full post-fixture and account tracking.
• Demurrage dispatch calculations.
• Analysis of the full voyage results.
• Up-to-date market intelligence including port information.


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  • Address:
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